War cards search guide

Our ‘war cards’ are a distinct set of records, which differ slightly from the other collections. These records do not appear when you use the main search function. Instead, you will need to use the dedicated war cards search to find individuals in this collection. Dedicated search fields and filters can help to make your results more accurate.

How can I narrow my search?

Searching by keyword

Enter a keyword into the basic or advanced search bar to find records. Please note that our site uses British English for spelling, grammar and dates.

Using advanced search

The advanced search function allows you to narrow your search even further to get more relevant results. You can do this by entering the surname (family name) or Christian name (forename/given name) of an individual; a service number; their military rank or rating; a regiment or a bank branch. You can also search by the year an individual was born, the year they joined the bank or the year they joined the armed forces.

Why is the text in some of the fields slightly different from the text on the war card?

Transcriptions have been prepared to represent the original content recorded on the war card as closely as possible. However, for ease of reading and to facilitate accurate search results, some abbreviations and names have been expanded; dates standardised; and certain spelling and grammatical errors corrected. Any information that appears to be crossed out in the handwritten notes has been placed in square brackets in the transcription.

Why is the “date of death” field not completed for every individual whose death is recorded in the “history with the forces” field?

This field has only been completed where we are confident the date is correct and it has been verified in accordance with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database.

Why am I seeing related content on this page?


The records you are viewing relate to a subject that has links with one of our exhibitions.

Related collections

Related collections are a set of records of the same type, which relate to the record you are currently viewing. When you are looking at an individual war card the link to a Related collection at the bottom will take you back to the main page for the war cards collection.  

Related snapshots

Snapshots are a set of records which have been grouped together to highlight a particular topic. These have appeared because the record you are viewing appears in one or more Snapshots, which you can click on to explore.

I still can't find what I'm looking for

If you have exhausted your search and still have not found what you are looking for, please get in touch .