Bespoke results: Hongkong Bank annual reports by Henry Steiner

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About this collection

The creation of an annual report is a standard feature of any organisation, indeed a legal requirement. Containing the key financial figures for a reporting year, it provides a public overview of the bank’s performance. But how to make the annual report more attractive? From 1967 to 1984 HSBC’s annual reports were designed by the godfather of Hong Kong graphic design, Henry Steiner. Familiar cultural landmarks and metaphors were used to tell the story of the bank’s local and international footprint. The symbols reflected Hong Kong as a modern global city, its economy transforming from manufacturing to international banking and services. Steiner went on to conceive HSBC’s now world-famous hexagon, launched in 1983, and was the creative force behind many other famous Hong Kong corporate identities. Delve into these unique designs with highlights from our collection of annual reports.