Medina Trust Company

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The Medina Trust Company was founded as a subsidiary of Marine Midland Corporation (later Marine Midland Banks, Inc.) in 1932 in Medina, New York, USA. In 1951, it merged with other regional banks to form the Marine Trust Company of Western New York. That bank was merged with others to form Marine Midland Bank in 1976, which was subsequently acquired by HSBC in 1987. Its name was changed to HSBC Bank USA in 1999.

The Medina Trust Company was formed in response to demand from the local community. The area had been served by the Central Bank of Medina, until that institution closed in 1931 as a result of the Great Depression. The Citizens Committee of Medina approached Marine Midland Corporation to run the new company as a subsidiary, and acquire the majority share of its capital stock. The new bank opened for business on 4 April 1932 and survived the depression, offering various retail services including mortgages and trusts. In 1951, it became part of the Marine Trust Company of Western New York.